Client Testimonials

Brooklyn has been the Graphic Designer at Bivouac for more than a year and has made the assets for many of our marketing campaigns. She has been a pleasure to work with! What I like best about working with her is she understands marketing, so when I explain what I want, she knows the message I wish to convey and gets it spot- on, or is only a small edit away. Brooklyn is also creative and has suggested new ideas that have added value to our campaigns. I hope to continue working with her in the future.
Krysia HepaticaWomen's Active Lifestyle Buyer and Marketing Manager
Brooklyn Fraser is a high quality graphic designer and strategist, with a keen eye on problem solving. My organization reached out to Ms. Fraser when we were undergoing a new brand identity. With complex feelings toward the new direction for the organization among the board, Ms. Fraser created a number of visual brand identity assets that perfectly highlighted the complexity in the most attractive and concise manner possible. In short, Ms. Fraser can quickly put her finger on her client's pulse, sincerely listens to the needs of her clients, and delivers high quality products.
Blake Van FleterenAccount Supervisor/Brand Strategist at GMMB
I have worked with Brook for quite some years now and have loved every moment of it. She excels in quality, timeliness and accuracy, thus making her deliveries easy to drop into the game. She's a funny, friendly, knowledgable person and I truly wish that I had reason to work with, on more of a regular basis. Brook, thanks for everything!
Jennifer LewisMaple Syrup Sound
I've had the pleasure of working with Brooklyn for several years and cannot recommend her more highly. I've recorded with countless engineers over the last 30 years and she ranks at the top. Brooklyn is organized and intuitive both during the recording session as well as in delivering the recorded material. 100% rock solid.
Ricardo LeighComposer/Sound Designer
For a little over two years we had the pleasure of Brooklyn as our primary engineer for our weekly taping of the Weekend Confirmed show. Sessions consistently ran like clockwork as a result of her preparation and attention to detail. She also provided both a sense of confidence that the technical side of the production was in more than capable hands and genuine energy and enthusiasm for each recording that immeasurably helped power each taping.
Garnett LeeSenior Business Development Manager
Brook is not only a consummate pro she's extremely creative, resourceful and inventive in the studio. in addition she's a good, chill, fun hang and always keeps cool no matter how many musicians we're running through the room or how challenging any one moment may get. I like to think of Brook as "brain vacation"- meaning when i'm working with her I only have to think about my creative vision and I can relax with the knowing that Brooklyn is thinking about everything else.
Steve MackallPresident at The Writers Bloc, Inc.
In brief, whomever you like to hire for audio engineering, Brooklyn is the person you'll wish you had had running the show. Smart, intuitive, great ears and there to make your work (and by extension YOU) sound impressive. She's engineered classes for me as well and produced demos for my clients, and she has always exceeded all expectations. She also has the kind of positive, centered energy you want in a working environment. Can't say enough great about her!
Richard TatumVoiceover Professional and Coach; Award-Winning Stage and Film Director
Brooklyn is a great gal and a wonderful engineer! I loved working with her on several projects. She not only kept up with my break neck pace and very tight recording schedules but multi tasked with incredible ease. She anticipated mine and the production's needs and did it all with no drama, a great sense of humor, an easy calming energy and a varied bunch of skills. She is an amazing team player and always gets the joke!!!!!
Charlie AdlerPresident at Cranky Inc.
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